Records Retrieval

Our team discovers, contacts, and serves custodians of records to acquire records requested. We process, index, and distribute records using the delivery method of our clients’ choice, in paper or digital format.

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Subpoena Management

Subpoenas may be requested through our website, email or by fax. Our team manages the entire process from serving the subpoena to delivering records. We keep you updated throughout the process. Through the use of innovative software and our team of experts, our subpoena process is optimized for accuracy and efficiency.

Rating Calculator

The availability of a rating calculator allows our clients to calculate the severity of permanent Disability. With this tool, our clients are able to use the whole person impairment rating to determine the permanent disability.

JET File

An electronic filing of Worker’s Compensation Forms. Forms and attachments are sent in a single secure transmission enabling faster turnaround times from the Department of Workers
Compensation (EAMS). Some of the forms include:
•Application of Adjudication of Claim
•Declaration of Readiness to Proceed
•Compromise and Release
•Stipulation with Request For Award
•Notice of Request of Allowance of Lien
•Unstructured Form • More available soon!

Case Management Interface

We Offer our clients the ability to customize our services to meet their individual needs. 

With Prime Solutions Case Management Interface, your case management software will be seamlessly integrated. In this way, information can be shares instantly, date input errors can be eliminated, eficiency can be increased and turnaround time can be reduced. 


EDEX allows clients to subscribe to case watch and case retrieval proving all notifications with ease through all devices.

Case Management Software

Availability of a case management system to augment or completely replace your current program. This program allows immediate upload and download of information available in multiple formats. The notification feature keeps your legal team informed and updated throughout the case. Some major features include:

•Scheduling- Availability of complete office scheduling interfaced with Microsoft Outlook and SMS

•Task Management- Availability of a program system to provide comprehensive management of future task Interfaced with Microsoft Outlook and SMS

•MXF Sign- an Electronic signature program allowing uploading and electronic signing of documents.